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Anonymous said: I've lots of stuffs on Suzy which I think is awesome. I dunno where to start exactly. Almost everything she worn are so cute & chic. Especially that striped multi-coloured skirt she wore for fan's day, the open back romper she wore in IY2 for airport fashion, the shoes and top for IY2's ep 33-36 etc. I could go on but I need to find good photos first. *it pleases me to talk abt Suzy's fashion ALL DAY.*

Hiii!! :) Wooow you seem to know a lot about Suzy’s style! :o You can submit the photos and I’ll post it :) Leave your Tumblr URL/name so I can credit :) Thank you so much for the info!! :)

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If you want to suggest some of Suzy’s outfit photos, just hit submit on my site and will gladly use it! :) Thank you guys!! :D

<3 baesuzystyle

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